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My name is Shirley Gammage. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach. I have known since the age of 9 years old that helping others is my assignment in this earth realm. In my own life I decided to become coached. I knew there were more to this life than what met the eye. I sought after self-awareness, self-development and personal growth. After a year and a half of this journey, I discovered I was living totally contrary to what I was entitled to. As I became more consciously aware of my true self, I realized scarcity, struggle, lack, dis-ease, limiting beliefs and old conditionings were not the truth.. The truth is, there is an abundance of health, wealth, etc. in the universe that everyone can have what they please and still be more than enough. I own my own VORTEX. I realize I am gifted and there is an assignment just for me to carry out in this earth's experience resulting to evolution for all man-kind. I also realized my dominate thoughts became my reality and the only person that can change it is me and me alone. When I made the decision to change my thoughts, I began to change my life. Therefore as I wrap my life around "I AM ENTITLED," to be, do and have that which I desire, my awareness is heighten. With that, there is so much confidence, freedom and joy.

Fashion has always been my passion since the age of 6 years old. As a fashion and image consultant, it is very rewarding to see my clients whole demeanor transform after a make-over and the positive energy that radiates from them..."PRICELESS!" I am a personal shopper for those that have no sense of fashion, style or time to shop for themselves. After rehabbing the client closet, I coordinate and take pictures of different styles for different occasions and record the pictures in a journal. Therefore the client is able to result back to the journal for items already coordinated."WOW WHAT A TIME SAVER!"

After being a Community Outreach Advocate for teen pregnancy, I really developed a desire to coach young teens about abstinence. I was a teen mother at the tender age of 15.  However, I am so grateful to have had a very supportive family unit. I learned so much from that experience which not only gives me compassion for young, single parents.  I have a heart for children. I am presently working on ETCI, Equipped to Conquer Initiative. ETCI is a program that enlighten the child's awareness that they may become consciously aware of their true self at an early age and learn everything that's needed to maintain a well balanced life that already exist within them.

I am also an advocate for #Diabetes Awareness. Even though I am still taking prescription meds, presently I am consuming a micronutrient formulation supplement that contains antioxidants and other micronutrients in their natural form called HYDRO (in powder form that increases absorption and fast acting). It is a patented protected formula which activates the body cellular defense and repair mechanism. It increases the health and life of the body's cells and replenishes antioxidants levels to reduce or prevent oxidative damage. Basically the beta cells in the pancreas is no longer working. I'm looking forward to restoring and rejuvenating mine. "STAY TUNED" MMF contain no unnecessary or harmful substances. Some of the benefits include, better sleep, increased natural energy, increased mental clarity, inc.  I am a firm believer that the medications we allow the doctors to bombard us with depletes our anatomy of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, inc.  Therefore we must replenish our bodies with what it need to rebuild itself. I am eliminating daily(detox), blood pressure and cholesterol are normalizing as well as the pain and inflammation in my body. Check it out for yourself. God is faithful and will not leave us ignorant. But at the same time, "The People Parrish For Lack of Knowledge."  I JUST WANT TO SHARE WITH THE WHOLE WORLD.

If you are called to action and or interested in contributing to this initiative you may do so below..Your contribution is greatly appreciated.



Shirley Gammage, CPC                         Certified Professional Coach
Shirley Gammage, CPC Certified Professional Coach
Founder and Creator of Sunflower Petals... Designing Your Own Personal Blueprint to Building the Life You Desire.