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I Share both a business relationship first, and ultimately an everlasting friendship with Ms. Gammage. 

I first met her in GA where I had the opportunity, and great pleasure working with her.
Right away I thought she has the personality of a coach, mother and friend as well.  Overall I actually felt as though we were somehow related, because that is just the warm welcome of a genuine friendship I felt as we began to talk over a short period of time. Over time we had become just that, and even though now we are quite a distance away, it is still like yesterday when we reconnect in each others lives.

The most recent encounter I had with her was right at the start of spring.  I was traveling to take my son to spend the summer vacation with his father.  I stopped by and as always she fixed me up and we had girl talk.  I left with a sense of greatness in my attitude, and my overall appearance needed some work, and believe me, she was prepared (born prepared, I believe).  One thing I know for 
sure is we are all born with a purpose, and indeed Ms. Shirley.

 For those of you whom have yet to experience her genuine passion, and love for this business, well it's time to see for yourself!
 M. Early

I am a 43 yr old Caucasian male. I learned of Ms. Shirley by way of over hearing her speaking to someone else. Ironic enough, it was almost like she was speaking directly to me. After she concluded her conversation, I asked her if I could have her contact information because I was in grave need of her help. Long story short. I met with Ms. Shirley and was blown away in just the Free Consultation.
She was able to pick up on some things from my childhood that I never thought were directly affecting some things in my adulthood. Such as abuse, divorce, insecurities, trust issues, etc.  How did she know these things???? We used her EXCelleration Program to really dig deep. I was in tears. I cried uncontrollably like a little girl. But not once did she judge me. She helped me find my "Why." My "why" of "why" things had transpired in my life as they did. I felt like years of tons of lead and steal were lifting off my shoulders and by the time we finished our session, I was standing tall. And I said to Ms. Shirley. "Ms. Shirley, I will not shed another tear because this is for me and no one else but me." I know its an ego thing as to why men do not get help but we are the strong pillar of or family. We should be the first to seek help for ourselves and our family as we keep them covered and prayed over. Thank you. Thank you Ms. Shirley.  Donald K.

I am a 34 yr old Caucasian male. I had the absolute privilege of meeting Ms. Shirley providing a home service. She took one look at me and the next statement that came from her mouth was shocking. I was baffled and in disbelief because this was my first time laying eyes on this lady. I didn't know her and she didn't know me. Somehow she was able to discern what was going on in my life and I had not opened my mouth...which was weird. About 3 months later, things started to become unbearable in my life and I needed someone to talk to.  And who comes to mind???...Yes Ms. Shirley. I was able to contact her. I made an appointment with her and I won't get into all the details, but she used her EXCellarated Program and thus far I haven't had to go see her again. I know most men do not share their feelings nor do they think they need coaching but Ms. Shirley helped me realize, "If I didn't want to keep repeating the same stories in my bloodline, then I needed to develop and tell a new story so that my children would not live the life I did." Thanks Ms. Shirley. You have not only helped me in a better relationship with my wife (I had really bad TRUST issues) but with my children (I was a child of divorce and do not desire that for my children) and my career (I'm more happy and positive than ever). Speaking about career, I suggest Corporate America utilize Ms. Shirley programs to coach their employees which will contribute to better retention and more positive energy to perform their job. Ms. Shirley I am thankful.  P.Russel

A woman of integrity to help young women walk into integrity, sums Ms. Gammage up in 11 words. I thank Ms. Gammage for listening to me, not judging me and lifting me up in a time when I was lost, freezing cold, alone, and confused. Personal image is everything and I feel more confident about myself and my personal image than ever. I have been inspired by this woman's words and acts of kindness and constructive criticism. Have a humble spirit and an open ear when around this woman, get your mental mind conditioned to catch the seeds of wisdom that fall from her lips so that you can grow in beauty, elegance, and respect, not just for others, but the respect that your presence commands when your image and your mind is right! Thank you Ms. Gammage!"  Victoria C.
I would like to say thank you for all the words of encouragement and advice. We both would like to come back our schedule is crazy. We are getting in a routine for school, and my husband has worked A LOT of overtime. I do feel just the little time we were able to spend with you, helped my husband. I do believe we could still use some more time with you.. . Rome wasn't built in a day ya know?...We learned to communicate better and we're making time together as a family and as a couple. We are happier and that's for sure. ..please keep in touch and know we appreciate everything you did for us!!! Just listening was a big thing for me that day. Oh and by the way, after the miscarriage, we did exactly what you suggested and now we're pregnant again. We love you and thank you so much. God Bless!! - Karen P.

I came into Miss Gammage life in ( 2014) through a first cousin. Doing that time my cousin seen a change in me but noting I needed a Life Coach. She recommended Ms. Gammage. Miss Shirley coming into my life brought meditation, the desire for self-development/improvement and most of all self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and self-validation.. She always would say, "You will never accept someone else validating you until you validate yourself first." Ms.Shirley open her home in January 2015 for a weekend just for lady's. We planned to get together every January-New Years for a Relax, Release, and Re-Fire fellowship...all in the name of LOVE. Having a  spiritual retreat sitting one morning around the kitchen table (after a nutritional breakfast Ms. Shirley prepared for us, fit for queens), we all listen to a guided mediation while we held hands. I think we all felt such a powerful spiritual vibration where everyone was crying. Our emotional findings were nothing but RELAX, RELEASE, and RE-FIRE.  Now I can look in the mirror into my own eyes and say, "I LOVE YOU, I REALLY, REALLY LOVE YOU. It was a challenge at first but it became more and more easier when I started to really love myself, accept myself, validate myself and forgive myself. Seven month later l have a condo in Lithonia Ga. Own a carpet cleaning Co. and sale clothing, shoes, jewelry and watches. I have met my Boaz. I have also gone ahead and started the process of patenting a product. Reconnecting to God allowed me to meet His servant. I would like to thank you coach Shirley for allowing God to use you to his glory.-Love Lynn.
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find someone you can trust and absolutely have your best interest at heart. Sunflower Petals - Miss Shirley Gammage a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Not once did she judge me and I felt like I had known her for years. Get ready because she gets straight to the point. I know now that I do not have to hold the hand that I have been dealt. I can throw this hand down and pick up a better one. She helped me to realize that any situation is subject to change at any time when I change my limiting beliefs and old conditioning. I also realize we spend thousands of dollars to look pretty outwardly but ugly inwardly, not realizing that inner ugliness reflects outwardly anyway. Miss Gammage always say, "Pretty fruit but ugly root." I'm excited to see what God has in store for you when He introduces you to the world. - Lily
I asked Coach Shirley to pray for my daughter that was in ICU. Her brain was swollen and all her vitals were critical. Coach Shirley called me back the next day to see what the status was with my daughter and the status was my daughter had taken a turn for the worst. Coach Shirley made the statement. “Oh no, impossible because I (meaning herself) haven’t taken a turn for the worst so neither has she!” “Let me go back and pray that again.” I have no clue of what Coach Shirley did but less than 12 hours later, the swelling in my daughter’s brain was gone and all of her vitals were normal and she was able to come out of ICU. The doctors were baffled. I asked Coach Shirley what in the world did she do and she responded…”You wouldn’t understand.” Let’s just give God the praise, glory, and honor. I’m still baffled. But she has been fine ever since. I have no words but thank you Coach Shirley for allowing God to use you to His glory…. - Charles
I met Coach Gammage through a mutual friend. He said I could trust her and she would not judge me. Even though this is a very embarrassing and touchy situation for a man, I took his advice. Coach Gammage helped me to get my manhood back. My wife thought I was cheating on her because I would not pursue her sexually. I was too embarrassed to share with my wife that I was experiencing Penile Erectile Dysfunction (PED). This almost ruined my marriage. After confiding in Ms. Gammage and totally trusting her, she taught me how to quieten my ego (that was telling me she couldn’t help me and she would judge me) and instead pull in pure self-belief. It took a while for me to quieten those voices but when I did and started to truly believe that I could shift this situation and that I wanted to save my marriage…low and behold…IT WORKED. Guys I know this is almost unheard of but drop your pride and stubbornness, tell your ego to SHUT UP. The biggest challenge is to shift your dominate negative and limiting thoughts.She helped me to realize that I was living my dominate thoughts (PED).I really believe ALL things are possible if only you BELIEVE. I literally do not have the words to describe how grateful I am for this woman… - Lewis
I met Ms. Gammage through someone that I didn't know through an email and was instantly drawn to her ability to not judge but to give strong, sound, nurturing truth. Which being a doctor, I felt like no one could tell me anything but without hesitation and without fear or intimidation she told me like it really was and she firmly put me in my place. Even though it bruised my ego...I knew it was the truth. She is not moved by a person's position or financial status. She always say, she is not "STAR STRUCK" because she is a STAR for her creator, performing before Him and not man. I am no longer seeking a divorce from my wife and business is good. Ms. Gammage you really are a STAR and you shine bright!!! - Sincerely, Dr. M. A. MD 
On the first day that I meet Ms. Shirley Gammage I was drawn to her.  I was going through a divorce and soon found out I had Breast Cancer. Needless to say my self-esteem was shot. Shirley became my Life/Relationship Coach, Personal Shopper, Fashion Stylist, Makeup Artist, Hair/Wig Stylist (I lost my hair), Health Coach and Spiritual Adviser. God  literally used her to transform me from the inside out. I thank God for placing her in my life. Her confidence and ambition inspired me to move forward in every aspect of my life. She is definitely a tough no-nonsense sister when necessary and compassionate when time calls for it. She is the definition of fierce, fun and fabulous. Soon after me, my sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and also was struggling in her marriage. Shirley was there for her as well. Praise God. We both BEAT the cancer. Thanks for your obedience Shirley… - Terri
Ms. Gammage has always been a person that love people, very genuine and she will keep it real. I have talked to her on life experiences that I have gone through. For instance my marriage problems. To be honest at first I thought what can she tell me she never been marriage. Ms. Ganmnage said,  "In no way am I glorifying my past but I stand before you naked and unashamed of what I am about to say" She said, "No I never been married but I have been the other women". "Now allow me to school you on what they do." That immediately got my attention…Immediately! Like they say you cant judge a book by its cover. She began to open up her life book challenges that strengthened her to be a blessing for me and other women facing the same challenge. And not once did she judge my husband. She is confident, smart and a good listener. And that was what I needed. She always say, "Forget everything you think you know if it hasn't worked for you." She knew exactly how to apply the gift that have been given to her. She truly cares for the best in you. Like I already shared that she will keep it real. We know being real is the best. Oh yeah giving God all the glory, I’m still happy and marred. When we learn how to turn the negative energy into the positive that’s when we began to live,..Thank you love - Angela
I met Ms. Shirley during the summer of 2012 while I was going through a dark period in my life. I knew I needed guidance, spiritual guidance. Through divine intervention, Ms. Shirley came into my experience and helped me to transform my thoughts, which transformed my belief system, which transformed my life. She became the light I needed to help me remove the darkness around me. She helped me to understand that the only reason darkness sticks around is because there isn't enough light to dim it. She said no matter how dark a situation is, as soon as you shed some light, darkness have got to dissipate. It can't stay. She also helped me in some other ways that I won't discuss.II thank you. One word that describes her perfectly is LOVE. She is knowledgeable, patient, wise, and full of passion for helping people live their life and with purpose. I am so thankful for my experience with Ms. Shirley. She is truly a divine life coach." - Robin B.

I was in a desperate place in my life. So overwhelmed by life I didn't know who I was. I had no one to talk to and no one who understood what I was going through. I couldn't confide in anyone in fear of them thinking I was crazy. I was on the brink of suicide and had in fact carried out the death plan on my life in my head until God stepped in and sent his angel to come see about me, just when I thought I was counted out and there was no hope, Ms. Shirley came in as a very strong tower in my life with encouragement like no other. She was a mother, a friend, a hope against all hope in my life. She told me to look into the mirror at myself and basically to speak life, it was not just her words but she invited me to call her at anytime I needed to talk to her. How awesome is that? She never judged me but only spoke life into me which at the time I was lifeless. Her warm embrace provided a sense of love, comfort and hope. She always offered a positive word no matter what I was going through. This is truly her gift and her ministry. Nearly a decade later, I am alive and well and still in contact with Ms. Shirley Gammage and am excited to be starting my own business. To God be the glory. She takes life and people very seriously and she will be a anchored support system for you, she will even equip you to be strong and encourage yourself by giving you tools for when she is not able to be present. Ms. Gammage is truly called for this ministry, and may all be blessed who comes in contact with her. Your life will be better with her in it. And the best part about it all... is I had just met here. -Jacquetta Y.