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Our prices vary depending on your individual personal session, group session (2-4 people), corporate sessions, etc. Please read the entire menu before choosing your Entree.  Our methods of contact includes Skype/internet, one on one, and telephone. Please read to the end. Pricing menu is subject to change at any time without notice. Lock in your Entree today.

NOTE: Please be mindful that appointments are pre-scheduled. Therefore if you are late but still would like to take advantage of your remaining hour, you will pay full fee for that hour. However, that hour will still end as previously planned. OR you may pay a $75.00 penalty fee and reschedule. Therefore, please be a few minutes early for your appointment. An hour goes by pretty quickly and we can't be inconsiderate of the next appointment that is on time.

NOTE: A three section binder or journal is Required....ask me why.

NOTE: Sunflower Petals offers Orientation/Consultation FREE (30min) which allows us time to get to know  one another off the clock.

NOTE: If none of our Entrees satisfy your palette, please feel free to contact me so that together we can  prepare the perfect Entree just for you.

NOTE: Coaching results may vary depending on the individual, a made up mind, your commitment, dedication and positive attitude for change. Unfortunately, Sunflower Petals will not be able to help you with this part.

NOTE: Contact us for Corporate Rates and Speaking Engagements Rates.

Sunflower Petals Life Coaching Services include…but not limited to….
1.      Relationship Coaching: Family, Singles, Marriage
2.      Energy Healing Coaching
3.      Corporate/Career Coaching
4.      Health/Wellness Coaching
5.      Image and Fashion Consulting
6.      Closet Rehab Consulting
7.      Companion (Just someone to talk to) Fees are required up front. 
8.      Fast Track NOTE: Your present situation didn't happen over night and may not be resolved over night.
        ......Fees are required up front for each session (1 month or once per week for 4 weeks).....
9.      FREE 30 minute Orientation/Consultation.

Brass Entree 
Brass Entree: Example: Companionship Needed... I just need someone to talk to or Advice needed. ”I have a problem making decisions.” “What should I do?” "No obligations"
If you would like a quick fix, which we do not recommend…it basically includes getting advice only or just having someone to talk to. This includes 4 (1 hr) sessions per month, 4 customized exercises to be completed between sessions and 4 email contacts..
Continual coaching is available.

Bronze Entree
 Bronze Main Course: 5 sessions/month-includes 5 (1 hr) session per month-5 customized exercises to be completed between sessions and 5 email contacts…
Continual coaching is available.

      Silver Entree
Silver Entrée: Individual Session…Examples:”Why am I still single?” “I am ok with being single.” Why am I attracting the same kind of people?” How can I get pass the hurt?” “Will I ever trust again.”
Individual sessions includes one persons. 6 sessions/month includes  6 sessions/month-includes 6 (1 hr) session per month-6 customized exercises to be completed between sessions and 6 email contacts……Continual coaching is available.

 Gold Entree 
Gold Entrée: Couples Session…Examples:”We do not have anything in common.” How can I trust him/her again, he/she cheated?” “Our finances are destroying our marriage.” “I am not happy anymore in this relationship.” "Your insecurities are driving me crazy." "Divorce is not an option."Couple sessions includes 2 people  . 7 sessions/month-includes 7 (1 hr) session per month-7             customized exercises to be completed between sessions and 7 email contacts.
           Continual coaching is available.

    Platinum Entree
 Platinum Entrée: Family Sessions…Examples: ”Can our children discern that we are not happy?” “We are not communicating nor listening to one another.” “The thrill is gone.” “We need more money.” “Do not allow your kids to disrespect me.”
Family Sessions can include entire immediate family, siblings, step parents, step children, in-laws, etc.
Family sessions can include groups of family members or Corporate Rates. 8 sessions/month-                     includes 8 (1 hr) sessions per month-8 customized exercises to be completed between sessions and             8 email contacts…Continual coaching is available.


  Diamond Entree
Diamond Main Course: 9 sessions /month-includes 9 (1 hr) sessions per month-9 customized exercises to be completed between sessions and 9 email contacts…Continual coaching is available.

Ask us about our combined Life & Health Package.

It is understood that No one has control over Mother Nature and unseen situations that may appear in our lives without notice. Therefore please communicate any situations that may cause you to not be able to keep your appointment as soon as possible. I promise you the same respect. Penalties may apply.