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WHAT LIMITING BELIEFS AND PROGRAMMING ARE WE SENDING TO OUR CHILDREN WHILE THEY ARE IN THE WOMB? AND HOW ARE THOSE BELIEFS AND PROGRAMMINGS AFFECT THEIR LIVES OUTSIDE OF THE WOMB.                                                                                                                                                                                
Did you know from the time of conception the fetus has a subconscious mind? Did you know while the fetus is in the womb you are downloading and inputting all of your beliefs, conditioning, programming, emotions, culture, health, wealth, etc. to the fetus subconscious mind. The child comes forth already programmed according to your downloads. So if this is really true, how can we expect our children to do any better than we have done  (in a lot of cases). 

It is critical to monitor what is downloaded while the fetus is seated in the mothers womb. There is where they are being knitted together. Your download will determine what you knitted.

My story...

At age 50, I wanted to get to the bottom of some issues in my life. I asked my mother what was going on in her world while I was seated inside her womb. She stated that she was always frustrated with how things were going on in her life. I asked her was I held a lot. She said yes but according to what I know now I beg the differ. My mother craved black coal from the fireplace...which is acidic. I'll share more about that at another time.

As I printed out the blueprint of my time in the womb, I see the correlation to my reality being what it is today.

Allow me to coach  you to either knit something brand new in your life or untangle what has already been knitted together....Over all we can't keep knitting the same belief systems, conditioning and negative behavior and thoughts to our children while they are seated in the womb. If you knit lack or disease or toxic relationships, or worry, or stress, etc. then that will be the outcome you are choosing for that child. In conclusion, you can not give what you do not have.  Give your child a better opportunity in the womb than what you had. I'll show you how. With LOVE.