Our services challenges you to keep yourself accountable and acknowledge that NO ONE nor NO THING gets to keep you where you really do not want to be. "Except You." It's called CHOICE. Our services renders excellent service with SUSTAINABLE RESULTS that changes the DNA of the bloodline from generation to generation. REQUIREMENT: You must do the work.


Sunflower Petals Life and Mindset Transformation Lounge do not add more to you that do not serve you but instead take away those things that are no longer serving you. After 14 plus years of relevant expertise that came in the way of my very own personal awareness, personal development, mindset transformation, and experiences, what I enjoy about my work is revealing to you what keeps you in the grips of limitations, fear, lack of confidence, and complacency. The Good News is You Do Not Have to Stay There Any Longer. What I like most about my gift is to literally see the weight of fear, sadness, unforgiveness, bitterness, etc lift up from the client's energy system. , I am totally fulfilled in the progress and process of obtaining answers and the victory over that which has plagued you for many years even generations.